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The name of our company relates to the quality of our bags. Many of our clients own authentic Hermes bags and have decided to purchase replicas to add to their collection or simply save thousands. We have artisans who have many years of experience making Hermes bags - similar to the very artisans who work on authentic Hermes bags. Our artisans were trained by ex-Hermes employees and have learned all of the details of making a Hermes bag down to the very fine details. Our bags are fully hand sewn using imported leather from France and anodized hardware. The hand sewn models follow the original Hermes method to the last stitch which creates extreme accuracy. The price reflects the labor required to hand stitch the bag.
This will depend on the model and size of the bag. Our Kelly bags begin at $1450 USD, while our Birkin bags begin at $1550 USD.
Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding placing a new order or any questions regarding an existing order.
It takes about a month for a bag to be sewn and made. If the model is using an exotic leather it may take longer depending on the labor required to complete the bag.
We will ship out the bag via DHL (express 3-5 day shipping). You will receive a track number you can use to track the bag. If you receive a tracking number but cannot enter it on the DHL site it may be because our 3rd party shipping service has yet to enter it into their system. Please contact our customer service team at [email protected] for more details regarding your shipment. Before shipping out the bag we will send you photographs of your finished bag.


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